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Jul 102014

Standing ovations for all three premiere performances of “One Way Trip to Mars,” at the Chocolate Church Arts Center September 30 – October 2.  Next performance will be January 20 and 21 at the Frontier Theater in Brunswick, when we will do a scaled down version to fit the small venue.  

“Hollowbody Electric Band is everything that the modern music business isn’t: they’re exciting and fresh; they cross countless genres; they’re not afraid of being different; they’re creative and inventive; and on a performance level they’re extremely addictive to listen to.” —Steve Shephard, One World Music Radio

Check out our music video of Johannah’s song “Wicked Witch” from our Prickly Stickers CD. We especially had fun with the credits at the end.

The “Prickly Stickers” CD was recently reviewed by Steve Sheppard of One World Radio.  Check it out here.

Nice coverage in the Brunswick Times Record and the Coastal Journal

Peter’s song “Vicksburg” won the MSA’s 2014 Maine Songwriting Contest at a live performance before a standing room only audience at the Frontier Theater in Brunswick. He was accompanied on stage by Sheldon Bird, and joined for the encore performance by fellow band member Johannah Harkness. Vicksburg is a ballad that recounts the story of Peter’s Great-Great Grandfather, the Reverend Eben Blachly, who narrowly escaped being hung “as a spy” by Confederate soldiers towards the end of the Civil War. Eben was so moved by his experience that after the war he sold his family farm and used the proceeds to start the first university west of the Mississippi for former slaves and Native Americans. Freedman’s University (1865 – 1877) was located just outside Kansas City, KS in “Old Quindaro”. “Vicksburg” is featured on the band’s new CD “Prickly Stickers,” and you can listen here.

And here is another song from the band’s soon-to-be-released CD, Prickly Stickers: “Men Like This” by Johannah Harkness:

And if that’s not enough of a sample, here’s “What Are You Made Of”–a song Peter wrote for a benefit concert for the victims of human trafficking:

Don’t stop there! Help get Johannah’s song “It Ain’t Right” played on “Car Talk” on NPR. You can listen to it here:

Just go to  http://www.cartalk.com/content/contact-us
and use the drop down menu for “Suggest a Car Tune” to leave a message like this:
Please play ‘It Ain’t Right’ by Hollowbody Electric. MP3 file is at http://www.hollowbody.us/?p=190

This fine article from the Brunswick Times Record (10/24/14) says it all.


In other news, one of Peter’s songs, “Begging for Change–the Heath Care Blues”, written in 2009 at the request of Service Employees International Union, has been featured several times on Amy Goodman’s national “Democracy Now” program, prompting an article about the song and its history in the Portland Daily Sun.

Peter also recently performed a solo concert as part of the 200th anniversary celebrations of Phippsburg, garnering this review: “Peter is a natural performer – a fine musician and singer, not to mention a gifted storyteller. He had the audience exactly where he wanted them.”

– The Community Concert Series at Phippsburg Congregational Church

And here’s are excerpts from another article in the Brunswick Times Record:

“Alexander is well known as a solo performer and songwriter and is often featured at public events and on local television and radio shows around Maine. Many of his original songs are about the coast of Maine where he spends as much time on the water as he can. Over his long musical career he has shared the stage with many of the greatest names in folk and rock music, including Chuck Berry, Tim Hardin, Poco, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, and members of the Animals, Phish, The E Street Band, and others. Peter is highly regarded for his ability on the 12-string guitar and his versatile and emotive vocals. He has served since 2009 as president of the Maine Songwriters Association and when not playing music works as Executive Director of the Maine Alliance for Arts & Education.

“Johannah Harkness is a singer-songwriter in her own right, making her musical debut in Maine after performing with world beat bands in Austin, TX and Taos, NM. An accomplished artist, photographer and licensed psychotherapist, Johannah Harkness provided much of the artistic direction for the “Promised Land” CD, including all the photo art for the CD cover.”

“Sheldon Bird is a Director of IT for the State of Maine, and is a longtime resident of Bath. He has performed with many groups in the region, including Cowpie and the Buffalo Chips, Kathy Stebbins and Bait the Hook, Iron Bridge, and Private Idaho. In addition to being one of the state’s finest bass players he is also an accomplished singer, performing with the Portland Symphony Orchestra, Vox Nova, and the Choral Arts Camerata. Drummer Tom Masucci is not alone in appreciating Sheldon’s talents. “His playing is superb,” said Alexander, “He’s the one I’ve been waiting for since moving back to Maine in 2008.”

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