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Hollowbody Electric Band features Johannah Harkness on keyboards and Peter Alexander on guitars, joined by a backup band of professional musicians. The band features extraordinary vocals and harmonies and exceptional song-writing, with a super solid rhythm section and tasty lead instruments.

The group’s crowning achievement is their rock opera “One Way Trip to Mars,” which premiered at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath in the fall of 2016 and is currently being scheduled for performances at theaters and opera houses throughout the region.

“One Way Trip to Mars” is set in the year is 2030.  During the previous decade several unmanned missions have transported to Mars the basic components for a human colony. Our hero, Paolo, is chosen from a worldwide competition to be the first human to travel to Mars. In taking on this mission Paolo relinquishes all he has ever known: his beautiful planet Earth, his family and friends, and his wife, Cassandra, who loves him even though she, in her wisdom, is aware of the misguided nature of his thirst for glory. 

While on his way to Mars, war and nuclear terrorism on earth cause communication links to go down, leaving Paolo completely alone in the universe. In a last ditch attempt to colonize Mars (and save the human race, whose survival on the poisoned planet Earth is very much in doubt), the space agency sends Cassandra to join her husband. Paolo doesn’t know Cassandra is coming, and Cassandra doesn’t know if Paolo is even still alive.  Through the course of 18 original songs leading to a dramatic ending, the story unfolds as Paolo evolves in emotional and spiritual maturity and Cassandra comes into her own power.

The stage production features Bath-based Hollowbody Electric Band with guest appearances by Raging Brass Reggae, Vox Nova Chamber Choir, Mehuman Jonson, a quartet, a rapper, a dancer, and other guest performers peppered throughout the program in surprising and delightful ways.  A light show designed by Mike Gudroe, and sound and special effects by Derek Roe, create the dramatic setting. The production is directed by Shannon Marsh, who also directs Vox Nova Chamber Choir.

Most of the following photos are from the premiere performance of “One Way Trip to Mars” at the Chocolate Church Arts Center, September 30, 2016.  Click on Photos for larger images.

Paolo Shreds 1
Cassandra FLY 2

Send Off 1

Nacole @ Bows Rennie Takes a Bow

Piper Takes a Bow

Landing Day Horn Section

Landing Day PMB

Cassandra & Paolo 2

Cassandra 4

Landing Day (Peter and Eric) IMG_3044



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